On the Essayistic Narration in The Dream of the Rood

Jun Luo


On the road to the theoretical foundation of poetic narratology, great efforts have been made by scholars who have been dedicated to the field of poetic narration in order to have a good understanding of the explicit and implicit narrative qualities and styles of the poetic narration in poetic narrative texts from various perspectives. As indicated in the established studies, a Chinese scholar named Junqiang Tan has continued a new study of it by emphasizing too much on not the essayistic narration but the lyrical narration of poetic narrative texts produced from past to present. Considering the perceptual insufficiencies in this respect, this essay will deal with the essayistic narration in The Dream of the Rood in terms of its essayistic narrative time, essayistic narrative discourse and essayistic narrative focalization in to quicken the theoretical construction of poetic narratology.


essayistic narration; The Dream of the Rood; poetic narratology


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