The Earth’s Call: Human and Nature in Anglo-American Literature of the 19th and the 20th Centuries

Yijuan Huang


Ecological problem is becoming more serious with each passing day in today’s society. “Eco-literature” that manifests the relation between human and nature and appeals for environmental protection has gradually become people’s focused issue. This thesis firstly reviews the development history of “Human and Nature” in European literature history before the 20th century. Then, it focuses on analyzing the “Human and Nature” text in British and American classical literature of both the 19th century and the 20th century. These texts can be concluded as “Arcadia”, “Sad Melody of Heroes”, “Road of Returning to Native Place”, and “Thinking of Green”. The analyses respectively extract the ecological ethics and values contained in these texts. At last, this thesis discusses the “Human and Nature” relation in traditional culture of the east, so as to call on today’s Chinese writers to answer “the earth’s call” and bring Chinese literature to the age of ecology as soon as possible.


British and American literature; ecology; human and nature; conception of nature


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