Psycholinguistic Analysis of ‘Post-Pidgin’ English—Taking Chinese Context as Example

Li Liu


Since the year 2000, the phenomenon of Chinese-English mixed code i.e. ‘Post-Pidgin’ English, becomes very common. As to ‘Post-Pidgin’ English, its history is not long. Nearly in late1990s, some relative articles appeared. This paper is a tentative analysis of code-switching between Chinese and English, i.e. ‘Post-Pidgin’ English, researching with a great number of examples, aiming at the analysis of the generative causes of ‘Post-Pidgin’ English from psycholinguistic perspective. The theories of bilingualism, including code-switching, can explain it reasonably. The feature of this paper is with both psychological and linguistic perspectives to analyze the generative causes, revealing the connection between language and psychology of the speakers.


‘Post-Pidgin’ English; code-switching; psycholinguistic


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