Practice and Innovation of the Construction of Special Geotechnical Application Technology Collaborative Innovation Center in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yuxin Zheng, Chunyan Li


On the basis of practice, the innovation of collaborative innovation center is carried out in five directions. The research on the innovation of institutional mechanism is conducive to the establishment of the model of cooperation and innovation cooperation between the government colleges and universities of countries along the belt and road under the background of "silk road economic belt". The innovative research on the construction of talent team explores the new mode of the construction of practical and scientific research talents in higher vocational colleges. Collaborative innovation way of study, the use of economic belt "silk road" of the opportunity, in scientific research and innovation, promote innovation and service innovation of social model, based on the countries along the expanding innovation achievement to Xinxiang, boost the construction of economic zone "silk road".


Collaborative; innovation; practice; application technology


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