A Study on Uniform Design Based on Individuation and Artistry

Can-ming Liu, Xiao-hui Li, Da-hui Zhu, Xu-bin Xu, Fei Bian


According to “Xinhua Dictionary”, “design” means “an advanced plan and pattern etc. for certain work”. Therefore, before production and application of a uniform, it also requires a stage of design. Uniform design is special and different from design of other clothes. Only when its basic elements are understood, can a good uniform design is created. Uniform design needs to show an aesthetic standard that is consistent with job nature and requires investigation and survey on nature and characteristics of various occupations, the range of motion of human bodies and requirements of human body protection. It also requires analysis on psychological status and work environments of staff to choose the best data for design. Basically, uniform design should realize expected aesthetic effects through aesthetics and accord with the law of human body and wearing environments, so that staff can love their job and form a sense of pride in their occupations and sense of trust with their clients.


Uniform design; Artistry; Individuation; Apparel design


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