Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-year Plan

Chen-xi WANG, Jian-qiang WANG, Jian-guo WANG


To solve the problem of America huge infrastructure investment demand and its government limited ability, this paper combines both advantages of $1 trillion government investment plan and $10 trillion private investment plan to produce a new version. With the help of policy innovation, America only needs to add $250 billion government debt in the first two years,that can drive $10 trillion private investment to construct 20 thousand km high speed railways and 8 super cities infrastructures in 8 years. It would deliver more than 10 million jobs, create several trillions dollars of tax, double the social wealth and economic growth, and make America enter a period of reducing debt for the first time and enter a new era of the traffic revolution marked by time, speed and efficiency. This conception would be expected to become an American Bill in view of its practical significance. If passed, it will rewrite the history.


Infrastructure investment, Policy innovation, High speed railway, Super city, Plan, America great again


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