Considerations on Reducing Course Load of Pupils Under the Background of New Curriculum Standards: A Case Study of LH Experimental Primary School

Song-tao LIU, Yi-peng WANG, Wei-lin LUO, Jun-fan WANG, Lin-ping WANG


How to alleviate the heavy burden of pupils' schoolwork has long been a hot spot of the society. By taking LH experimental primary school as a case, this paper introduces the investigation content and analysis result of primary school pupils' heavy burden of schoolwork under the new curriculum standards after clarifying the publishing background and the definition of basic concept of the new curriculum standards and the relationship between the new curriculum standards and the schoolwork burden on the primary school students. Then, this article summarizes the reasons of the overburdening phenomenon of pupils in LH experimental primary school through analysis and puts forward some countermeasures to alleviate the schoolwork burden on pupils in this primary school in order to provide a valuable reference for alleviating the burden of pupils’ schoolwork under the new curriculum standards.


New curriculum standards, Reducing study load, Pupils


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