PSGL and Its Application in College English Teaching

Ying-jie GUO


The integrated teaching style of Play Show, Speaking Activities, Group Lecturing and Listening Practice, PSGL in abbreviation, turns out to be experimental and individual in college English teaching. The rationale is that students are the center of the class. In order to establish an effective teaching environment, teachers need to ask students to be the active directors of the play show, the volunteering hosts of the speaking activities, the responsible organizers of the group lecturing and the willing designers of the listening practice. To highlight the learning subjectivity, students ought to fulfill their duties before class, in class and after class. The whole teaching procedure is conducted through students’ flexible participations and demonstrations. Of course, nothing is perfect, there are still the expected suggestions for PSGL to reevaluate and reconsider.


PSGL, Teaching style, College English teaching


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