The Research of Mild, Moderate, and Severe Chronic Hepatitis B Symptoms Group of Distribution Based on Association Rules

Hai-Feng YANG, Li BIAN, Shu-Ping HE, Ting ZHOU, Zhen ZHAO


Objective: To study the distribution of mild, medium and severe symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis B. Method: We established a database of 2172 cases of Chronic Hepatitis B, by using association rules algorithm, descriptive statistics, statistical inference methods, research similarities and differences among mild, moderate, severe Chronic Hepatitis B symptoms, meanwhile analyze changes and relationship in symptoms at different degrees of Chronic Hepatitis B. Results: Mild, Moderate, Severe Chronic Hepatitis B symptoms have the same rules, but there are differences in rules of confidence and support. Conclusion: By the changing of the Degree of Chronic Hepatitis B condition, the probability of multiple symptoms appears at the same time, it suggests the cause of disease pathogenesis, pathology.


Chronic Hepatitis B, Symptom, Association rule


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