Tibetan Typographical Specifications and Technical Realization Based on Word VBA

Hai-Lan DING, Kun-Yu QI, Xiao-Long ZHAO, Gui-Fu XU


The key technology to realize the article unified layout lies in the format adjustment in the Tibetan document typesetting. At present, there is a phenomenon that the left and right borders cannot be aligned when the Tibetan version is typeset in the Word2010 office software. As a result, the Tibetan document plate does not conform to the traditional Tibetan writing norms and brings some limitations to office editing and ancient book collation. With Word software as the developing platform and Word VBA technology combined with VBA programming, the article realizes the proper arrangement and adjustment of the Tibetan documents in accordance with the writing format of the Tibetan version. It has great significance on the standardization of Tibetan document layout.


Tibetan Document Typesetting, Word VBA Template, Technological Realization


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