Analysis of the China’s High-level University Construction on Compensation System Reformation-Based on the Compensation System of Foreign Universities



Teachers are the subject of education. As a significant part of universities’ evaluation mechanism, the level of university teachers’ income has obviously transcended their personal benefits, and directly influences the whole administration of universities’ management. Accordingly, establishing a scientific and effective universities’ compensation management system plays a core role in determining the compensation incentive effects of teachers in teaching and research universities, as well as in affecting the quality of university teachers’ construction. Through several reforms of Chinese university teachers’ compensation system, the income level of teachers has been improved and the income structure has tended to be reasonable. Yet, during the procedure of constructing China’s high level university, the problems existed in the distribution system of universities’ compensation incentives and evaluation mechanism like performance assessment still remain and are needed to be improved. This article will try to propose some methods and suggestions on compensation system in Chinese university using the view of improving compensation incentive impacts, by combining the experience of foreign universities’ compensation management pattern.


Compensation of university, Compensation incentives, Performance assessment.


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