Practical Exploration of Implementing “Tutorial System” in Educational Management of Students Majoring in Physical Education



With the continuous expansion of market demand and application fields, many colleges and universities in our country now have a major in sports? However, in most cases, the school's education model is severely separated from the employment needs of the enterprises, resulting in the failure of university graduates to effectively meet their needs Talent requirements. This is an exceptionally serious situation for PE majors who are relatively weak on the basis of their skills. Therefore, it is urgent to reform the training model of PE professionals. The use of mentoring system, you can clear the student-centered teaching philosophy, to strengthen the communication between teachers and students to promote the teaching of an important way, but also to promote the mentor. This article first analyzes the origin and connotation of the tutor system, then elaborates the significance of the tutor system for the students majoring in physical education, and finally puts forward some practical measures for the tutor system of the education management of the physical education majors. By studying the education management of PE majors, we hope that it can help students achieve all-round development.


Sports major, Student management, Mentor system.


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