A Research on the Relationship between Previous Experience and Entrepreneurial Perception for Residents in Tourist Destinations



Many studies show that previous experience has a significant impact on the entrepreneurial opportunity identification in entrepreneurial progress. Taking Lugu Lake in Sichuan Province as a research case, this paper researches the previous experience’ affection on entrepreneurial benefit perception and cost perception through statistical analysis methods such as questionnaire, Levene test, Homogeneity test of variances, etc. The findings show that the entrepreneurial benefit perception is stronger than the cost perception, and is not affected by any previous experience. And the residents which without previous tourism business experience or previous entrepreneurial experience have strongest benefit perception and weakest cost perception. On the contrary, the inhabitants had previous tourism business experience and previous entrepreneurial experience and are objective and rational on the evaluation about benefit perception and cost perception. The previous tourism industry experience of the individual has a significant difference in the benefit perception of tourism entrepreneurship and the impact of tourism entrepreneurial cost perception. Similarly, the previous entrepreneurial experience plays the same role in entrepreneurial perception.


Tourism entrepreneurship, Previous experience, Benefit perception, Cost perception, Lugu lake of China.


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