Research on College Students' Online Groupon Behavior and Repurchase Intention in Dalian

Feng-hai ZHANG, Hui-ting WANG, Xiao-nan FAN


Nowadays, China's groupon market showed a surge trend. However, due to too many businesses irrational to enter, resulting in fierce competition to buy the industry. College students, as the majority of Groupon, are well educated, willing to try and accept fangle. In this paper, college students in Dalian as the research object, through the questionnaire survey, first of all, the present situation of College Students' network groupon is described by statistical analysis, Secondly, the regression analysis method is used to analyze the factors that influence the college students' willingness to buy again in Dalian. Finally, the group buys the website and the merchant provides the countermeasure, enables it to have the target in the intense competition. Some suggestions are put forward for college students in Dalian, urging them to form a rational and rational consumption concept.


Groupon behavior, Repurchase, College students


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