A Legal Study of the Ownership of Religious Property

Peng NAI, Yan-Lin LI


For a long time, the unclearness of the ownership of religious property has caused many problems such as the commercialization of religion, the abuse of religious property and many other issues. Giving legal groups and places of religious activity legal personality is the key to solving the problems related to the tenure of religious property. Recently, China has confirmed religious groups of legal personality by law, religious activities have donate legal personality by the law. China should improve the religious system on this basis, confirm the religious legal person as the main body of religious property, establish and improve the religious property management and supervision system, and regulate the legal and reasonable use of religious property. In line with the province's actual, it's guiding the provinces to establish and improve religious legal system and religious property protection system. So that religious property is clear, religious property is effectively protected, religious organizations are more healthy and active development to develop legally religious activities.


Religious property, Religious corporate, Property ownership, Regulatory system


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