The Function and Orientation of High Level Sports Teams in College Campus Culture Construction

Liang Ni


Sports is an important content and form of campus culture. College athletics is an extension of competitive sports on campus. After more than 20 years of development, high level sports teams in universities and colleges have formed distinct sports and cultural features on the campus of colleges and universities. It is of great guiding significance for the sports value idea, sports participation attitude, motivation and corresponding sports behavior of college students. With badminton high level sports teams and the relationship between campus culture as a starting point, this paper expounded the overall goal and development situation of badminton high level sports team , and deeply analyzed the function of high level badminton sports teams in college campus culture.High level sports teams of badminton's overall objectives and elaborates the development situation, and of high level badminton team researches in the function of campus culture in colleges and universities , to further accurately locate the high level badminton sports teams in college campus culture development.


High level sports team, Campus culture, The function and orientation


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