Research of Course Teaching System Reform with the Characteristic of Light Mechanism Design

Guizhong Xie, FanNian Meng, Dehai Zhang, Liangwen Wang, Feng Zhao, Hao Li


This paper focuses on the course teaching system reform with light mechanism design. In the training process of light mechanism design, the ability of solving practical problems and improvement of their scientific interest need to be enhanced and cultivated. Thus the existing curriculum system should be reformed. Take the course of mechanism design in light industrial mechanics department for example. Firstly, research the teaching material about mechanism design with light mechanism design and add them to teaching material and multimedia courseware. Secondly refer to and follow the famous magazine and elaborate multimedia courseware with practical light mechanism. Then, introduce the modern design and teaching methods (CAD, CAE) into the light mechanism analysis. Finally, guide students to participate in scientific research activities, and strengthen the fusion penetration of mechanism design knowledge. Using these, the ability of using Solidworks and Ansys to solve practical problems and students' scientific interest can be enhanced and improved.


Teaching reform practice; light mechanism design; light industry; modern design means and methods; simulation analysis software


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