A Study on the Construction of Talent Growth Coordinate System Based on Competency Model of Technological College Students

Wenhui Fan, Taipeng Wang, Jian Xie, Ying Liu


Nowadays, it has become the new focus for technological colleges to creatively enhance the effect of talent cultivation by putting both the Competency Model for their students and the social needs into consideration. Based on the theoretical foundation of Competence Model and a thorough analysis of such model for technological college students, the article is able to put forward and afterwards build the Talent Growth Coordinate System, namely an index system for students’ competency with three mutually integrated facets. Those three facets are requirements of the society, university objects of talent cultivation as well as the personal development of student. The above Talent Growth Coordinate System aims to achieve the following four goals. Firstly, the system will make it more convenient for universities to have a better understanding of student development. Besides, the system will improve the individualization of educational means. Furthermore, the assessment result of such system can reflect the degree of students’ adaption for industries and enterprises. Fourthly, it will lead to the development of career planning and employment recommendation work in universities.


Technological college students; Competency Model; Talent Growth Coordinate System


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