Assumption of E-commerce Platform of Agricultural Products Based on F2C2B Mode

Kewei Zhu


This paper proposes the assumption of E-commerce platform of the agricultural products based on the F2C2B mode. The whole e-commerce model is guided by the idea of the supply chain management from the perspective of the modern system, and the e-commerce integration model from customer to supplier is implemented, and the whole is optimized. E-commerce to cloud computing as the basic environment, the construction of public cloud services and private cloud resources, based on public cloud to the SaaS way to provide services to customers, focus on business search and business collaboration, make full use of the Internet, modern communications technology to provide the real- service. The development of agricultural economy, no longer depends only on the number of some traditional agricultural resources, but also depends on the modern technology, information access and use. Through the development of basic network technology, by virtue of some modern electronic information technology and some other means that can improve the intelligence of agricultural use of the information resources, the proposed model provides the new methodology of the solution.


F2C2B Mode, E-commerce Platform, Agricultural Products


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