The Research of Animation Art Drawing Design Paradigm from the Perspective of Aesthetics and Structural Thinking

Youhua Zhu


Animation scene design is an important part of a successful animated cartoon, which plays an important role in setting the atmosphere and art style. We will decorate the scene design of painting techniques used in opera animation, is the traditional ethnic elements into an art form with modern aesthetic needs, in the opera animation scene design in multi angle use of painting language training, aims to expand the creator more space. On the one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, it should be drawn by means of painting. From the birth of the animated film, art style and the film has a close relationship between the blood, the art style is the mother of the animated film, the different forms of art for the development of animation film provides the creation of nutrients. In addition to its story, image and music and many other factors, the scene design and art style settings are two important aspects.


Animation, art style, scene design, computer art, paradigm


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