Preliminary Study on the Construction of Electronics Courses Virtual Laboratory

Ying ZHU, Yong-xing JIA, Yuan WANG, Chuan-zhen RONG, Yu YANG


Because of the limitations on time and space of traditional experiments, this paper proposes the building idea of the electronic virtual laboratory based on network. Starting from the student demand, according to the characteristics of the course, by detailed analyzing on the construction of virtual laboratory, design methods, and experimental settings, a preliminary construction of virtual laboratory was completed, presented the function modules of the system and experimental design. At the same time, this paper illustrates the use of virtual labs through concrete experimental operations. By logining on the virtual laboratory through the network, students can do the experiment in anywhere, at any time, without the limitation of space and time, and teachers can also intersperse virtual experiment while teaching, to provide students with a more intuitive introduction, to help students better retain knowledge.


Virtual Laboratory, Network, Electronics Course, LabVIEW


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