The Path of Anti-School Bullying under Rule of Law in China

Zhi-chun LEI, Yong CHEN


Anti-school bullying is a worldwide problem with great harm. The data of NSRC shows that school bullying occurs frequently in China. School bullying has serious social harmfulness, not only will it lead to high probability of deviant behaviors, but also influence the sufferers’ mental health. There are many causes that lead to high occurrence of school bullying, the most significant one of which is the lack of systemic and mature laws and regulations in China. In order to prevent and control school bullying effectively, the legal system should be perfected. Concretely speaking, at least the following five aspects should paid enough attention to: Setting reasonable purpose and principles for the laws and regulations, making a clear legal definition of school bullying, establishing the school bullying prevention committee, reasonably defining the boundary of obligations and responsibilities among different parties, and perfecting legal remedy system against school bullying.


Anti-school bullying, School bullying prevention committee, Legal remedy


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