An Analysis of Deng Xiaoping’s Ideology of Legal Education for Teenagers

Chang-Cong Qi, Zhuo Li


Legal education should focus on teenagers and the formation of juvenile’s legal literacy is directly related to the healthy growth of the young. Deng Xiaoping attaches great importance to the development of the concept of legal education for teenagers. The legal education ideas, “legal education should start from the doll”, put forward by Deng, incorporate juvenile legal education into the national education system. To deepen the development of Deng's concept of juvenile legal education is to focus on popularizing law in the youth, sum up and use the practical experience of young people's study and usage of law and formulate the legal education outline for the youth in line with the characteristics of youth education. It uses the classroom as the main channel and takes the new carrier of law education by We-Media to ensure that the young can receive basic legal education. It takes social practice as the second classroom and comprehensively utilizes family, school, society, the “Trinity” legal education pattern to promote the deepening of the rule of law education of youth.


Deng Xiaoping, Teenagers, Legal education


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