A Case Study in Chinese College English Writing by Using Diversified Expressions



English writing is one of the five skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating) in English learning that Chinese college students must acquire. According to the Chinese National Syllabus for College English Test —Band Four(CET-4), the students must be able to write, in 30 minutes, a short composition of no less than 120 words on a given topic, with certain provided guidance. On the basis of the analysis presented in this paper, five major problems in students’ writing are revealed. To solve these problems, the method of Diversified Expressions can lead to improved English writing by Chinese college students of non-English majors. And the use of Diversified Expressions proved to be effective. The theory of Diversified Expression can be practiced and manageable by the students, and an improved performance in English writing can be resulted.


College English; Writing strategies; Diversified Expressions


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