Promoting the Cultivation of Undergraduate Talents of Environmental Engineering Specialty by the Construction of Disciplines

Tao FENG, Li WANG, Shan-Shan YANG, Xiaotong XU, Gang LUO


In the construction of colleges and universities, talent training is the center, discipline construction is a leader, both of which are interdependent and promote each other. Based on the analysis of the relationship between subject construction and undergraduate talents cultivation and combined with the development of environmental engineering discipline in our school, this paper discusses how to make use of the achievements of discipline construction to promote the cultivation of environmental engineering undergraduate talents The duty of the modern university is to integrate talents cultivation, scientific research and social service. Among them, the cultivation of talents is the primary task of colleges and universities, to improve the quality of education is the eternal theme of colleges and universities. However, as the scientific research and the graduate education promote the evolution of university disciplines constantly, disciplines have also focused on academic research for their own development, thus forming a tendency to dilute the function of talents training, especially the relationship with the undergraduate education gets alienated gradually. Therefore, how to ensure the quality of undergraduate education to cultivate high-quality environmental engineering undergraduate talents; and how to coordinate the relationship between undergraduate education and discipline construction to achieve the integration and interactive development between the discipline construction and the undergraduate education goals, are questions that must be answered positively.


Discipline construction, talents cultivation, environmental engineering


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