An Exploration of the Evolution of Chinese Lexical Meaning from the Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics

Ji-Yan LIU, Li-Na ZHU, Ying JIANG, Xi-Xian JIN


The prototype theory, experience view and metaphor theory of cognitive linguistics is the basic theory, from the perspective of cognitive linguistics to analyze the Chinese semantic evolution phenomenon is a new research direction of modern lexical semantics. From the perspective of semantics, in all relevant meanings, one of them plays a role like the center or core meanings, and thus become the prototype of other meanings; other meanings are extended on the basis of it, thus forming a radiation category of meaning. Humans’ experience plays an important role in the process of language use. Metaphor is the basic type of cognitive model, and it is the basic feature of thinking.


Cognitive Linguistics, The Evolution of Chinese Lexical Meaning, Metaphor


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