Discussion on Multi-level Individualized Training Mode for Engineering Postgraduate―Taking Railway Engineering as an Example

Shun-Hua ZHOU, Xin-Wen YANG, Xia-Fei YE, Jun-Hua XIAO


Firstly, some existing problems in the course of postgraduate education in engineering are described. Based on requirement of society, some multi-level individualized training mode for engineering postgraduate are provided. Taking railway engineering of Tongji University as example, some multi-level individualized training cases and methods are discussed. Some results show that in current period, this multi-level individualized training mode for engineering postgraduate is important mode suitably for the development of higher education and social needs and for improvement of training quality. Some key problems are described such as the construction of the tutor teams themselves, collaborative communication between tutors and students and among the students, operation relation between research project and student’s training. The education effect and social recognition for the proposed multi-level individualized training mode are displayed.


Postgraduates, Multilevel, Personalization, Cultivation Mode, Railway Engineering


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