On the Construction of "Employment-oriented" College English Teaching Model in the Context of "Internet +"

Jing XU, Hai-Yan JIN, Bao-Chuan HAN


This paper analyzes and elaborates on the exploration of constructing the "employment-oriented" college English teaching model under the background of "Internet +". Through reading related literature, the researcher finds out a wealth of teaching resources and equipment provided by the Internet and the practical necessity of "employment-oriented" College English teaching model. By adopting quantitative and qualitative research methods, it investigates and demonstrates several drawbacks of traditional college English teaching model and the reasons for lack of practical application ability of college graduates in independent colleges. Then it constructs the new teaching model "employment - oriented" under the context of "Internet +" from such aspects as teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching evaluation, so as to enhance the practical use of English language ability of college students, thereby promoting the competitive advantage of college students in today's society.


"Internet +", "Employment-Oriented", College English Teaching Model, Construction


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