A Brief Study on the Advantages of Three Levels’ Youth League Universities in the Scientific Development of University Communist League Affairs

Ying FU, Chi ZHANG, Yun-Xiang MA, Huan YAN, Yang SHAO


As the main place for universities to strengthen league members’ awareness of education, the Youth League Schools have been playing a very important role in aspects like how to improve league cadres’ quality of political thoughts; increase their working initiatives and provide powerful ideological guarantee and theoretical guidance for them to grow up and become successful. The construction of primary, secondary and high-level league schools should lay great emphasize on the improvement in cultivating the group, developing the training content, enriching the training carrier, improving the training mechanism and increasing the training effectiveness. This essay takes the constructive thought of HIT three levels’ schools as an example, discusses the benefits which the league schools’ construction gives to teenagers’ cultivation and the Communist Youth League affairs. The powerful theoretical basis is provided in the scientific development of University Communist League by the league schools.


League Schools, University Communist Youth League, Scientific Development


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