A Research on the Design and Teaching Methods of the Project Oriented Teaching Mode for Artistic Design Major in Independent Colleges

Chun-Qing ZHANG


In recent years China has witnessed a booming development of higher vocational education for the fact that it emphasizes the mode of teaching which is characterized by improving students’ vocational skills as well as fostering high-quality technical and applied talents. For the special nature of artistic design major, its curriculum provision for undergraduate courses strongly reflects its characteristic of practicality, especially in professional and technology-based independent colleges. The construction of project oriented teaching could promote the practical significance of the integration of teaching, and consequently enable students to acquire expertise, to perceive requirements of the business under the impact of social development and to adapt to working atmosphere as well as break through the main bottleneck in finding a job. Meanwhile, the highlight of the construction of practical ability is extremely beneficial in shaping students’ professional confidence and improving their professional quality in the mode of situational teaching.


Design Major, Project Oriented Teaching Mode, Teaching Methods, Research


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