The Fayan Sect Yongming Daoqian’s Dharma Heirs and His Zen Ideology

Jia-hua JIANG


Yongming Daoqian Master (birth year is unknown) is a important figure in the Fayan Sect. He inherited the Qingyuan’s ninth generation Qingliang Wenyi master’s Zen ideology. His dharma heirs included Hangzhou Huangsheng master, Hengzhou Zhicheng Master and Mingzhou Qingxiang master. Daoqian inherited not only Kegon Six thought, but also the ideology of Wubie Zhiyu, Jianxing Zhoubian, Shifang Wu Neiwai etc, and also he used these theories to teach his students. He had received the attention from the emperor, and was granted authorization the name Cihua Dinghui and Huiri Yongming. This paper will discuss his dharma heirs and his Zen ideology.


Fayan, Daoqian, Dharma heir, Zen ideology.


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