A Reversion of the Passionate Love Scale for Chinese

Hong-ge XU, Bin XUAN


To revise the Chinese Version of Passionate Love Scale (C-PLS) suitable for Chinese adult is used to measure its level of passion when individual experience romantic love and test its validity and reliability. The revised C-PLS is consisted of 14 items. The scale was unidimensional, with one major factor explaining 64.64% of the variance. It had satisfying structure validity, and the Cronbach coefficients of the whole scale was 0.957, split-half reliability is 0.946. The analysis of attribute variables showed that the level of passionate love of male was significant higher than female. Chinese subject’s level of passionate love generally positive correlated with the duration of love, and the level of passionate love had dropped down when love lasted 1 to 3 years. As an effective tool for measuring the level of passionate love of Chinese adults, the revised C-PLS possesses better validity and reliability


Passionate love, Scale revised, Reliability, Validity.


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