The Questionnaire Survey System Design and Implementation Based on J2EE

Hang ZHANG, Zeng-kai HAN, Tian-bo WU


Questionnaire survey, as an important means, has been more and more widely used, however, compared to the fixed content, form a single traditional questionnaire survey, network questionnaire system not only brings considerable convenience to the people’s work, but also has a low cost, high efficiency, across space limitations, rich forms, interactive and other advantages. Through a detailed analysis of various methods of questionnaire survey, combined with the actual needs of the current project, developing a B/S model design and implementation of a questionnaire survey system which is based on J2EE. System to achieve a questionnaire to create, manage, publish, statistics, and questionnaire template library and exam management and other functions, to shorten the cycle of the survey, making the survey more timeliness.


Questionnaire survey, B/S model, J2EE, Cloning technique.


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