Research on Spatial Variation of Port Logistics in Zhejiang Coastal Areas

Gai-gai CHEN


As the joint of railways, highways and other transportations, Port logistics have become the region and the country's new economic growing point, researching on port logistics spatial differentiation, which provides a new way of thinking for reasonable location of its function and optimizing its spatial distribution. Based on constructing RCI model and GIS spatial analysis method, this paper explores the spatial difference coastal port logistics between 2004-2013 in Zhejiang Province, and then gives the main conclusions: from the evolution trend of port function type in the year of 2004,2009 and 2013, we find that the spatial structure of Zhejiang coastal ports function present in "Dual Structure" characteristic, namely Ningbo-zhoushan as the core, complemented with Jiaxing, Taizhou and Wenzhou, the gap of ports function is larger. In the perspectives of transportation accessibility, the accessibility coefficient of weighted time in Ningbo is minimal, the integration of logistics in this port longistics is stronger, Jiaxing, Taizhou and Wenzhou is at the moderate level, the accessibility of Zhoushan port is lower; the spatial differentiation of coastal ports’ location potential in Zhejiang are distributed in Vally form, the port logistics location potential of Jiaxing, Taizhou and Wenzhou are the high value, having great rising potentiality for the further development, Ningbo-zhoushan are the low areas.


Ports function, Weighted average travel time, Location potential, Spatial difference, Port logistics.


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