The Study of How to Improve College Students Volunteer Service System in Government Purchase Public Service Environment

Xiu-juan ZHENG


Voluntary service is an important link of education for further social and career development of college students, but has not been effective in the education system. for a long time top-down management restricted the effect of college students volunteer service. Government purchase of public services to promote a new opportunity for college student’s volunteer service development belt. Researchers at the completion of the college students volunteer service condition on the basis of empirical research, and combined with a variety of theoretical research. Project research method for establishing the content and forms of volunteer service is better. And the Good way is to use the project cooperation way to establish service team. Use the project management approach to managing college student’s volunteer service. This approach is a proved effective pathway to promote the development of college student’s volunteer service.


Government, Social service, College students, Volunteer service.


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