The Inspiration on the Massive Innovation Talent Training of the Southern University of Science and Technology from the Miniature Elite Education of the National Base Class

Chun CHENG, Bian-xia SUN


Innovation has been regarded as the first driving force of economic development. Since innovation is fundamentally driven by talents, the education of innovative talents in large scale has become one of the most important topics in China's higher education reformation. Actually, Chinese universities have made a fruitful exploration in the training of talents. As one of the most important talents education project of higher education in China, the “National Science Base Class” plan for advanced scientific researchers and teachers’ education, has developed for 25 years, and achieved excellent results in the cultivation of talents. This paper takes the physical base class of the Central China Normal University as an example, which has been established for 20 years. By comparing its reformation on the cultivation of talents with that of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) that just founds five years before, it is found that the introduction of obligatory research training during undergraduate stage is the key for the massive cultivation of talents.


Innovative talent training, Scientific research, National base class, Southern University of science and technology, Central China Normal University.


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