Research & Practice of International Application Oriented Talent Training Mode—A Study Case of Northwestern Polytechnical University Ming De College

DI XIN, Ding-yi WU, Yu-ren LI, Xi-zhe ZHI


Economic globalization requires education internationalization, cultivating high-quality applied talents with international vision is the inevitable results of the development of education internationalization. According to the practice of the college international application talent training in recent years, this article put forward the principle of the international application oriented talent training mode. Introduced the mode including "1+3", "2+2", "3+1" and other international application oriented talent training mode, then pointed out that colleges should take full account of their own needs and the ability to run schools in the international application oriented talent training. Broaden the training channels; improving the ability and comprehensive quality of students.


Internationalization, Application, Talent training; Mode.


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