The Analysis of Breath Group Airflow Characteristics When Reading Poetry in Mandarin

Shi-liang LYU


By using methods of experimental phonetics and focusing on utterance of poetry reading, the article has studied the aerodynamic features with the integration of parameter changes of airflow in poetry reading. With breath group as the basic unit, the article has conducted an analysis of airflow parameter differences of Xiaoling and modern-style poems. The article has found that intonation differences leave little influence upon breath groups, and articulation duration is mainly related with the numbers of syllables contained in breath groups. Among airflow parameters within a breath group, inhaling part is the most important, and there are differences concerning genre. Differences of inhaling parameters are the main differences of breath group parameters of modern-style poems and Xiaoling, and the specific representation lies in great influence of syllable numbers.


Speech aerodynamics, Speech airflow signal, Prosody, Breath group.


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