Cultural Heritage Conservation from the Sense of Place with Phenomenon

Chun-jen LIANG, Shang-cha CHIOU


The interaction between activities of human beings, space and its culture of history, is co-dependent and furthermore tangible and intangible characteristics. From the Athens Charter to the Xi'an Declaration, it is quite obvious that most of charters and other doctrinal texts pay more attention on tangible properties to conserve the historic site and its setting. The Québec Declaration appealed the importance to integrate tangible and intangible heritage on a historic site and the preservation of the spirit of place. Even though the cultural heritage preservation act has been amended and promulgated for several times, it is still necessary to make more efforts to preserve the spirit of place of historic sites from new thinking directions. From the point of the sense of place with phenomenon, disregarding the method of investigation, the paper focus on qualitative discussion to examine and propose the practicable aspect from the experience of the cultural heritage conservation.


Culture, Heritage, Sense of place, Conservation, Phenomenon


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