Individual Characteristics Differences and Preferences in Choosing Old-Age Community Services—Based on a Questionnaire Survey in a District of Beijing

Ping LI


With the arrival of an aging society, it is important to enhance the quality of aged care services. Different old people have different preferences for services. Individual features are used to describe the demographic characteristics, social status, economic status, and activities of the elderly. This paper focuses on whether the individual characteristics can affect the community care services, the different impacts which influenced by different variables. According to the analysis on the data, we can conclude that ages can take the most important impact on the preferences, and the living conditions can take a great effect on the services about the medical care, life care, sports and recreation. The policy recommendations include that we can increase the scientific measurement of the preferences, provide differentiated services according to the individual characteristics, and improve the formation of the user pay system.


Individual characteristics, Community service, Preferences.


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