Analysis on the Business Mode of Sports and Fitness O2O Platform in the Context of “Internet plus Sports”

Xia XIONG, Qi-bin MEI


Along with the proposed action plan of Internet plus, It has entered the era of mobile internet in China. When we open the mobile phone applications, social networking, shopping, taking a taxi, chat, and even the delivery industry are seizing the user of the mobile terminal market, mobile Internet reconstructs the people's life style and make life more convenient and intelligent, and create a good market environment and opportunities for the development of sports health industry. Along with people's sports fitness awareness increasing, based on the actual demand for sports interest plus social networking, It promotes the combination of the mobile Internet and sports fitness industry, the mobile App products in sports industry and sports fitness O2O platform emerge. It is a good choice to combine O2O business mode with the mobile Internet for the traditional sports industry. In this paper, it analyzes the meaning and development trend of Internet plus and the O2O business model and its application status in China, and the operation status and future profit model of sports O2O. Furthermore, it takes the sports exercise O2O platform “Coach Appointment” as an example to analyse the commercial application and prospect of O2O pattern in the sports and fitness industry based on the mobile internet.


Sports and fitness, O2O, Sports platform, Sports app, Internet plus.


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