Pragmatic Analysis of English Fuzzy Language in International Business Negotiation

Ling-ling ZUO, Ying HE


This thesis aims to lead negotiators to pay more attention to use fuzzy language and put forward three strategies for negotiators to use fuzzy language in business negotiation following the cooperative principle and politeness principle. The thesis proves its importance in business negotiation by theoretical analysis and showing a series of examples. The author provides some strategies for negotiators and guides them to negotiate in international business negotiation well such as ambiguity, euphemism and so on. Sometimes, negotiators have to violate the maxims to gain a better result. The appropriate appliance of fuzzy language can relive the tension in business negotiation, being accurate and flexible, and improving the efficiency. The innovation of this paper is from the practical application of fuzzy language to better negotiation.


International business negotiation, Fuzzy language, Pragmatic analysis.


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