Research in Network Management Operation Inspection Based on Internet of Things Technology for Smart Substation Equipment Account

Lan SU, Pei-zhe XIN, Yu-dong WANG


The Internet of Things technology has been fully applied in China's electric power system. This paper studies the equipment account management system base on The Internet of Things technology to basic information identifying the site and running information collection, in order to improve management efficiency and increase degree of automation and integrated information. Intelligent substation develop toward computerization and networking-oriented. Through in-depth study of RFID, wireless sensor technology, substation secondary equipment establish "e-cards" to achieve real-time monitoring management using a unique identity and online operating environment. Electronic management achieving equipment updated in real time and establishing of the network database model is to achieve static data relationships between primary and secondary equipment, master, and other accounting, greatly simplifies the equipment account data and equipment account management faster and more efficient.


The internet of things, Smart substation, Network management.


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