A Research on Status Quo of Multimodality and Multiliteracies Cultivating

Hua-fang HU


On the basis of multimodal discourse theory, from several aspects including the teachers, teaching and online interactive teaching, this paper conducts an investigation on how to improve college English teaching so as to cultivate students’ multiliteracies. Through questionnaires about the current textbooks and teaching methods, the paper tries to learn and find more information on effectively cultivating students’ multiliteracies. The survey results are as follows: Teachers should compile enlightening and practical textbooks which can reflect the historical culture and times. The teaching is not just to teach language, but to improve the comprehensive quality of students and cultivate students’ multiliteracies. In the process of cultivating students’ multiliteracies, the traditional way of teaching has been challenged. In addition to the language, teaching content should also include multimodal measures such as photos, video, audio materials, PPT and network laboratory. Multimodal teaching methods are widely recognized by the students. PPT teaching is just one way of multimodal discourse teaching which is different from multimodal discourse teaching. Teachers should pay attention to the practical appropriate principle when using PPT. Online interactive teaching is a trend of education in the future, which is beneficial to students’ multiliteracies cultivating.


Multimodality, Cultivating multiliteracies, Multiculture, PPT teaching.


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