Talents Cultivation of Outstanding Engineering Based on the Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers

Hong ZHAI, Xiao-mao HUANG, Wang-yuan ZONG


In order to train outstanding engineering talents, our school proposed the third batch of "The Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE)" for agricultural mechanization and automation. First, PETOE is tried in a small scale, our school set up small class teaching class and equipped with high-quality teachers. Besides, it was encouraging for teachers to carry out teaching reform and establish the school and enterprise double tutorial system. The use of credit requirements, policy incentives and other ways were applied to strengthen extracurricular practice innovation. After several years of implementation, our school has initially formed outstanding engineers training mode with a self characteristics. The inherent law of personnel training is constantly explored. We summarize the successful experience and lessons from the implementation of the PETOE. Innovating agricultural engineering personnel training mechanism make it play its demonstration effect in a large scale.


The Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE), Talents cultivation, Cultivation mechanism, Practice innovation.


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