Study on the Cooperation Mechanism of the Professional Training of Engineering Master

Tao ZHANG, Xin-wen DING, Yong YAN


With the development of our country’s industrialization, the demand from industrial and mining enterprises, engineering and construction sectors towards high level, practical engineering personnel is rising. However, the current way of training Engineering Masters in universities still remains some drawbacks. The unclear training key points, unreasonable curriculum, the communication between schools and enterprises is not enough and some other factors lead to the fact that the graduates cannot meet the enterprises requirements. In order to improve the professionalization of Engineering Masters and to make them can play a role in China’s economic development, it requires universities to make some improvements in some aspects like teaching, management and etc. It also requires the resource sharing between universities, the cooperation between schools and enterprises. Then we can get a win-win result.


Professional training, Cooperation mechanism, Engineering master.


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