Improvement and Practices Based on Green Concept Oriented Organic Chemistry Experiments

Zhi-min HUANG, Ting-ting LI, Yong-fen TONG


This program has been based on green and environment friendly concepts, and has performed a comprehensive improvement on the organic chemistry experiment teaching process. By using in the experiment contents the multiple-step series design experiment option, a variety of new green energies, micro type of instrument and micro/semi micro reagent, green concept has been appliedin organic chemistry experiment teaching process. Green concept has been also applied in extracurricular practices of organic chemistry and other major’s students. By practicing the “3 micro’s” program and open experiments, students have been educated with the green concept, and influenced in the field of lifestyle and view of value. After more than three years’ teaching practice, our program has obtained favorable result in teaching practice, and established a new teaching concept. The students have won awards in several competitions of environment protection innovation. The result of our program may be applied in the organic chemistry experiment teaching process of other higher education colleges.


Green concept oriented, Organic chemistry experiment, Teaching research


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