Confusion of Secretary Science Major’s Setup and Teaching Contents in China High Schools

Rui-hui HAN


Secretary is ubiquitous and plays critical role in contemporary China. However, many famous high schools are reluctant to set up secretary science major, and there are many disputes about the teaching content of secretary science major. This paper set out to investigate such problems. The research is based on the analysis of secretary’s historical development of secretary and current condition in China, and the requirement of secretary’s position in practice. Results showed that the secretary science major is necessary to be instituted in Chinese language and literature department. On the other hand, because of the huge need of secretaries in society, it is urgent to set up secretary science major in more high schools. As for the teaching content, secretary science is not only about the simple description of secretary concept and the introduction of secretary’s routine works. On the contrary, it contains rich cultural and social meanings, which will induce many significant researches.


Secretary science, Chinese language and literature department, Curriculum; guanxi, Hidden rules.


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