Improving Adaptation for 1st Year Business Students from Diverse Learning Environments



The first year of tertiary study can bring many challenges for students. For example:- learning to manage time and study practices; changes in personal relationships; changes in mental states; homesickness; understanding academic expectations; managing social and cultural diversity; developing a work/life/home/balance; language difficulties and cultural acclimatization. Courses generally have a diverse range of students from different countries and backgrounds, this can make it difficult to meet the varied needs of students to help overcome these challenges. For many of our international students, adapting from a predominantly instructor focused system to an active learning environment can mean that students face some challenges which in turn hinder student learning. Similarly, there is a large proportion of mature age students who have not been exposed to the tertiary education environment for some years. This study proposes to identify the difficulties experienced by students entering a new learning environment. The study aims to provide educators with a better understanding of student challenges from diverse backgrounds and will propose strategies and practices that may help to reduce these challenges. This study will focus on four groups of students: international students studying off-shore, international students studying on-campus, domestic students and mature age students. In this way, difficulties for all groups can be identified and strategies proposed for each group.


1 year students, Learning environments, Adaptation, Active, Passive.


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