On the Market Approach of Higher Vocational Colleges’ Commercialization of Research Results under the Background of Innovation-driven Strategy

Dong Shengrong, Liu Zhu, Li Jingzhong


The State encourages the development of science and technology industries in colleges and universities. There is an urgent need for the commercialization of scientific and technological results in higher vocational colleges and there are many restrictions for the application. This paper tries to illustrate the creative work which needs to be conducted for the application of the research results in the higher vocational colleges through the market approach of research-development-application-evaluation-innovation. We aim to identify the research foothold from the source, to grasp the pulse of the market, to win the positive evaluation and to improve the commercialization efficiency for the science and technology achievements.


Innovation-driven; Higher Vocational Colleges; Commercialization of Research Results; Market Approach


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